How to flash Allwinner A23 Q8H tablet?


  1. Tablet with charged battery. It can be bricked, because flashing using PhoenixUSB does not require device to have valid image installed. This is done using FEL mode that is hardcoded to chip. More about FEL:
  2. PhoenixUSB, device key and image to flash. For Q8H tablet I made a mirror of all tools:
  3. USB cable

Let’s start.

  1. Open PhoenixUSB
  2. Set key file and image.
  3. Make sure tablet is turned off and disconnected. To make sure that tablet is turned off – keep power button pressed for 10 seconds.
  4. Press START in PhoenixUSB
  5. Keep pressed volume UP button on your tablet and connect USB cable.
  6. On upper right corner you should see green tick chaning into red cross
  7. Start pressing power button of your tablet about 10 times, every 1 second
  8. Red cross should change into green tick
  9. Now procedure of flashing has started, you can release volume UP and stop pressing power.
  10. It should take about 3 minutes to flash. For me it was 2min41sec.
  11. After flashing is done you should see some text on green background in right section of PhoenixUSB
  12. Press STOP, disconnect tablet.
  13. Done

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