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$2 for 10 boards
$9 for stencil
$25 for DHL

Currently probably the cheapest on the market.

3 working days between order and shipping.

Zero flaws or problems even with the lowest possible clearances.

Absolutely worth trying!


Some time ago I was looking for a new PCB service. After quite a long and astute investigation I bumped into very interesting offer.

„JLPCB is the largest PCB prototype enterprise in China”.

After some small problems with registration, which were solved really quickly by their support team, I was finally able to place my order.

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I discovered SeeedStudio some time ago, since the company is pretty active in the internet (facebook, own wiki, some projects on github). Last month they introduced PCB manufacturing services, called „SeeedStudio Fusion Services”

I decided to give it a try, because the website looked pretty neat and modern. They also provided (see below) a little bit better specs than the others.

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Dangerous Prototypes – PCB Manufacturer Review – another brand of DirtyPCBs, probably their „beta” site

My orders

For now, I have places three orders there, all with the same specification:

  • PCBs:
    • FR4
    • 2 layers
    • 10cm x 10cm
    • 10 pcs
    • 1.6mm thick
    • 1oz/ft2 = 35um
    • HASL
    • Green
  • Stencil: frameless

In one of my orders I also used free „panelization”. They allow to duplicate the same layout over one board – I had 4x 4.5cm x 4.5cm over one 10cm x 10cm piece.

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Update 05.12.16. The dirtypcbs site looks pretty new, it is now the same as

My order:

  • PCB
    • 2 layers
    • 10cm x 10 cm
    • 10 pieces
    • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
    • Surface finish: HASA
    • Solder mask color: Green (all with the same price)
    • No sub-boards
    • 100% E-Test
  • Stencil – frameless 13cm x 21cm

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Cheap PCB prototyping & manufacturing in China – reviews

Review of some Chinese PCB prototyping services and manufacturers

I’m in progress of testing some of cheap Chinese PCB manufacturers. I’m going to try to write detailed description for each of them.

Tested so far:


Review: – The best value for money PCB Service in 2017

SeeedStudio Fusion


Review: Fusion – New PCB Services from popular DIY and prototyping company

Dangerous Prototypes


Dangerous Prototypes – PCB Manufacturer Review



Review: – PCB Prototyping review



ShenZen2U PCB Prototyping Review



Smart Prototyping – PCB Prototyping review

ShenZen2U and SmartPrototyping looks bascily like the same company. But they are not (as SmartPrototyping explained).