PCBWay.com – PCB Prototype the Easy Way


$5.00 for 10pcs of standard boards
$10.00 for stencil, cut to smaller size
24/7 operation, 4 days from order to shipping, 12 days for cheapest E-Packet to arrive.


Working on my new electronics project, I found it essential to search for another brand to fulfill all of my PCB expectations. Product was meant to be small (about 70x40mm), but made with the highest precision. This time I decided to give PCBWay a try, which is one of the biggest and most popular PCB manufacturer in China. Without a doubt, it was worth trying!

My order

As always my order was in pretty standard format, including PCBs and a stencil. This time I decided to use standard postal shipping because there was no hurry and to I decided to do everything to avoid custom problems.

  • Boards:
    • 70x40mm
    • 2 layers
    • 10pcs
    • Standard green soldermask
    • 1oz
    • HASL
    • Silkscreen on top and bottom
    • Some miling
    • Minimal allowed clearances
  • Stencil:
    • The smallest non-framework option
  • Shipping:
    • E-Packet


As it can be read on the website: „Our pricing structure is transparent and has no hidden cost in it.” That is 100% true. What’s more, in comparison to European countries, the price is shockingly low – even after considering costs of shipping. And what’s even more important, I wasn’t obligated to choose between two – price and quality.

Advanced instant quote feature allows to quickly find out the final cost of the whole project, even including automatically calculated shipping cost.

The base price for PCBs is $5.00 for 10pcs with all standard features. However the panelization is not free of charge, even if the same design is repeated within the board. The stencil is $10, making the whole PCBs + stencil setup to cost of $15.

There are multiple shipping options available, including China Post, EMS, DHL, Fedex, and many more. The fastest way (3-5 days) is DHL which is $40 for order as above. The cheapest option is China Post or E-Packet (my option), $19.


What I found really helpful while working on my order was 24 hours Customer Service. On the website (https://www.pcbway.com/) you can find online chat with stuff, who is there to help you – I found it really useful. Contact is  relly smooth, reply quick and written in really good english. You don’t have to guess what the autor meant to say. In one word – professional.

An interesting thing while placing the order is an online semi-automatic project verification. In case of standard orders, board are verified automatically and almost instantly. In other cases the order is taken on hold for manual verification, which takes a few hours.

The payment step is available after the verification, so in case of rejection or price adjustments there is no need to cancel anything.


There are multiple shipping options available, including quick and cheap ones. As I said above, this time I wasn’t in a hurry, so first time I decided to use normal postal services, „E-Packet”. PCBWay estimates delivery time to be between 15 and 30 days. In my case the package was sent on 2018-11-07 and delivered on 2018-11-19, so it was 12 days from shipping to delivery.

Tracking code is available instantly after shipping, and it’s updated pretty often. Logistics information are visible on 17track and domestic post office website.

What I received?

After total of 16 days I received the PCBWay box. The stencil was wrapped in cardboard and the boards were wrapped in bubble wrap.

I’m very content with the overall quality of what I received. Even though the box was slightly damaged during shipping, there was no harm to either stencil or the boards.

In this project, I decided to use minimal allowed clearances to squeeze the juices from the project. As expected, there are no visible flaws. I’m going to update this post when the project is assembled and completed.


If you are interested in good quality at low price, even with most complicated solutions, you shoud definitely contact PCBWay! Absoluetly worth trying, great customer service and quick shipping.


JLCPCB.com – The best value for money PCB Service in 2017



$2 for 10 boards
$9 for stencil
$25 for DHL

Currently probably the cheapest on the market.

3 working days between order and shipping.

Zero flaws or problems even with the lowest possible clearances.

Absolutely worth trying!


Some time ago I was looking for a new PCB service. After quite a long and astute investigation I bumped into very interesting offer.

„JLPCB is the largest PCB prototype enterprise in China”.

After some small problems with registration, which were solved really quickly by their support team, I was finally able to place my order.

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SeeedStudio.com Fusion – New PCB Services from popular DIY and prototyping company


I discovered SeeedStudio some time ago, since the company is pretty active in the internet (facebook, own wiki, some projects on github). Last month they introduced PCB manufacturing services, called „SeeedStudio Fusion Services”

I decided to give it a try, because the website looked pretty neat and modern. They also provided (see below) a little bit better specs than the others.

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Dangerous Prototypes – PCB Manufacturer Review

http://dangerousprototypes.com/store – another brand of DirtyPCBs, probably their „beta” site

My orders

For now, I have places three orders there, all with the same specification:

  • PCBs:
    • FR4
    • 2 layers
    • 10cm x 10cm
    • 10 pcs
    • 1.6mm thick
    • 1oz/ft2 = 35um
    • HASL
    • Green
  • Stencil: frameless

In one of my orders I also used free „panelization”. They allow to duplicate the same layout over one board – I had 4x 4.5cm x 4.5cm over one 10cm x 10cm piece.

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DirtyPCBS.com – PCB Prototyping review

http://dirtypcbs.com/store/pcbs – cheap Chinese PCB Manufacturer review

Update 05.12.16. The dirtypcbs site looks pretty new, it is now the same as http://dangerousprototypes.com/store

My order:

  • PCB
    • 2 layers
    • 10cm x 10 cm
    • 10 pieces
    • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
    • Surface finish: HASA
    • Solder mask color: Green (all with the same price)
    • No sub-boards
    • 100% E-Test
  • Stencil – frameless 13cm x 21cm

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Jak stworzyć dyrektywę w AngularJS ? Na przykładzie prostej dyrektywy input-label-text.

Możliwe, że wielu z Was, przeglądając kod, natknęło się na magiczne wyrażenie ‚directive’. Czym tak naprawdę jest? Jak można coś takiego stworzyć samemu? Na te pytania spróbuję odpowiedzieć, opisując krok po kroku tworzenie prostej dyrektywy input-label-text.

  1. Czym jest dyrektywa w AngularJS?

    Jest to reużywalny komponent, w kodzie widoczny najczęściej jako znacznik (tag), atrybut lub wartość atrybutu. Klasycznie składa się z części skryptowej, gdzie możemy zdefiniować potrzebne zmienne, funkcje, etc. oraz z części HTML-owej, czyli tzw. template’a – kawałku kodu, ‚wstrzykiwanego’ w miejsce wywołania dyrektywy.

  2. Jak ją stworzyć? Jak skonfigurować swoje pliki, aby dyrektywa zadziałała?

    Pokaże to na przykładzie komponentu, który łączy ze sobą tagi <input> i <label> oraz implementuje prostą logikę w swoim własnym wydzielonym kontrolerze.

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JSoup mini-tutorial – parsowanie HTML w środowisku java


Biblioteka JSoup pozwala w sposób szybki i przyjemny przeparsować dokument HTML i wyciągnąć z niego interesujące nas dane. Używając gotowego parsera (zamiast na przykład wyrażeń regularnych) oszczędzimy sporo czasu i nerwów, a przede wszystkim umożliwimy samym sobie stworzenie czytelniejszego rozwiązania.

JSoup umożliwia zarówno klasyczne przechodzenie po drzewie (children <> parent), jak i wyszukiwanie węzłów po:

  • html’owym id
  • dowolnych atrybutach
  • html’owym class
  • html’owym tagu (czyli nazwie znacznika)
  • selektorze css (tak, jak w arkuszu styli / jQuery)

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AliExpress / EBay / China market fake DS18B20 Sensors

Update 23.05.2016

Some sensors MAY actually work. This does not discard what i wrote before (I tested them all), but: For some reason some of the sensors gives invalid response to ‚Power supply’ command. They always respond as they are parasite-powered. Some devices (ex. mine) do check that and reported them as invalid. However I tested all ‚Invalid’ with osciloscope. Some of them gave some response, so i took the deeper test.


If you’re planning to order cheap DS18B20 sensors from AliExpress – keep in mind that irrationally low price (less than $0.8 / pc) smells really fishy.

Manufacturer price for 1k is $1.18.

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AliExpress Hidden search options: Show Price Per Piece, Max Quantity, etc

Some time ago AliExpress (and probably others of their family) has simplified their search engine, removing some useful search options like:

  • Sorting by price per piece / lot
  • Selecting maximum quantity
  • Showing price per piece

Although they are removed from the search panel, they are still valid and correctly parsed if added to URL.

To get those options, please append following parameters to URL. They are separated by & character:

Option Name URL Parameter
Show Price Per Piece isUnitPrice=y
Maximal quantity in lot maxQuantity=n
Minimal quantity in lot minQuantity=n

To get lowest price per piece simply combine: „Show Price Per Piece” + Order by Lowest Price + (optionaly) Maximal quantity