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http://dirtypcbs.com/store/pcbs – cheap Chinese PCB Manufacturer review

Update 05.12.16. The dirtypcbs site looks pretty new, it is now the same as http://dangerousprototypes.com/store

My order:

  • PCB
    • 2 layers
    • 10cm x 10 cm
    • 10 pieces
    • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
    • Surface finish: HASA
    • Solder mask color: Green (all with the same price)
    • No sub-boards
    • 100% E-Test
  • Stencil – frameless 13cm x 21cm


  • 10cm x 10xm protopack (+- 10pcs) = $25 (currently down do $12, but I don’t know if the shipping is still free of charge)
  • Frameless stencil = $25
  • Free Shipping with Unregistered Air Mail (+$25 for DHL)

Total order price: $50

Price includes:

  • PCB Manufacturing with no drill / via limits
  • Double sided PCB, soldermask on both sides
  • Silkscreen on both sides
  • Minimal (frameless) stencil
  • Free miling („panelization”), see Dangerous Prototypes Review

Payment method:

Only PayPal was accepted

Processing time:

20.12.15 – Order received

21.12.15 – Manufacturing started

24.12.15 – Shipped

~ 20.01.16 – Received

The time from order to shipping was really fast (probably the fastest) from what I’ve tested.

The shipping time with Air Mail was quite long. See my DangerousPrototypes Review (the same company, I used DHL)

What I received:

The box was pretty small.

Stencil was not protected and just sticked with scotch tape to the bottom. However it wasn’t damaged

Boards were protected with bubble wrap.

Quality was super, no flaws, no connected routes, everything was fine.



No problems with quality and mounting. Fast production time.

Before website update (I made my order in DEC ’15) the price for DHL was quite big (+$25, so $75 total), that’s why I switched to Dangerous Prototypes (same company heh).

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