– The best value for money PCB Service in 2017


$2 for 10 boards
$9 for stencil
$25 for DHL

Currently probably the cheapest on the market.

3 working days between order and shipping.

Zero flaws or problems even with the lowest possible clearances.

Absolutely worth trying!


Some time ago I was looking for a new PCB service. After quite a long and astute investigation I bumped into very interesting offer.

„JLPCB is the largest PCB prototype enterprise in China”.

After some small problems with registration, which were solved really quickly by their support team, I was finally able to place my order.

My order

My placement was just the same as in my previous orders:

  • Boards:
    • 10x10cm
    • 10pcs
    • Green Soldermask
    • 1oz
    • HASL
    • Silkscreen on both layers
    • Some miling
    • Much harder clearances than usual, see below 🙂
  • Stencil:
    • Cheapest frameless (38x28cm)
  • Shipping:
    • DHL to Poland


One of the biggest advantage of JLCPCB is a price, which is shockingly low. Boards were just $2 for 10pcs. Stencil was $9 and shipping to Poland via DHL took about $25. It was the lowest price I had ever paid for PCB service (and I had ordered it a lot). But what’s even more surprising, is the quality of boards and stencil.


My order was verified very quickly (on the same day, to be precise). I was asked to attach some missing gerber file, which I had forgotten to send while making my placement. The order was re-verified and it turned out to be an open gate for starting the production process.

Just few days later, my order was done and transfered to shipping company.


Shipping was provided by DHL, but you can also choose your package to be delivered via Registered Air Mail. If you don’t need your order to be delivered as quickly as DHL express, which takes 3-5 days, you can always choose more affortable option which takes 15-30 days to come but is about $6 cheaper.

Quality check, inspection

Whole package came with very good protection – everything was secured with bubble wrap, packed up in cardboard and waterproof DHL foil envelope. Everything was intact, nothing was broken or damaged.

With this order I decided to take full advantage of PCB manufacturer. I lowered all trace clearances to 8mil, traced widths to 12mil, drills to the lowest size (0.3mm = 12mil). I was very curious if the board would arrive with no faults.

And it turned out JLCPCB can do it! After optical inspection I haven’t found any single flaw neither in the boards nor in the stencil. The final quality is incontestable! In pair with the lowest price for those specs, JLCPCB has became my favorite PCB service.


  • 19.10.17 – Placed my order
  • 23.10.17 – Order was shipped
  • 25.10.17 – Delivered

20 and 21 were weekend days.

This makes 3 working days from placing the order to shipping.


While making a placement in JLCPCB you don’t have to choose between price and quality. Never before have I seen such a precised realization at that low price.

Company fullfilled my conditions in 100%. Not only it was proffessional, but also was it affordable. From the beginning, it was obvious that I was dealing with people who know what they do. Everything seemed to be on the right place: contact was easy, contrators were doing their best to help me, they notified me about every step of process. Just like it should be.

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