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AliExpress / EBay / China market fake DS18B20 Sensors

Update 23.05.2016

Some sensors MAY actually work. This does not discard what i wrote before (I tested them all), but: For some reason some of the sensors gives invalid response to ‚Power supply’ command. They always respond as they are parasite-powered. Some devices (ex. mine) do check that and reported them as invalid. However I tested all ‚Invalid’ with osciloscope. Some of them gave some response, so i took the deeper test.


If you’re planning to order cheap DS18B20 sensors from AliExpress – keep in mind that irrationally low price (less than $0.8 / pc) smells really fishy.

Manufacturer price for 1k is $1.18.

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AliExpress Hidden search options: Show Price Per Piece, Max Quantity, etc

Some time ago AliExpress (and probably others of their family) has simplified their search engine, removing some useful search options like:

  • Sorting by price per piece / lot
  • Selecting maximum quantity
  • Showing price per piece

Although they are removed from the search panel, they are still valid and correctly parsed if added to URL.

To get those options, please append following parameters to URL. They are separated by & character:

Option Name URL Parameter
Show Price Per Piece isUnitPrice=y
Maximal quantity in lot maxQuantity=n
Minimal quantity in lot minQuantity=n

To get lowest price per piece simply combine: „Show Price Per Piece” + Order by Lowest Price + (optionaly) Maximal quantity

ShenZen2U PCB Prototyping Review – cheap Chinese PCB Manufacturer review

My order:

  • PCB
    • 2 layers
    • max 5cm x 5 cm
    • 10 pieces
    • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
    • Copper thickness: standard – 1 oz/ft2 = 35um
    • Surface finish: HASA
    • Solder mask color: Green (additional fees for other colors)
    • No sub-boards
    • 100% E-Test
  • Stencil – frameless 19cm x 29cm

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