Q8H (GT90h, etc) Roms – how to find them

Recently I completly destroyed one of my tablets ROM.

I was able to repair it using PhoenixSuite but first I had to find image to flash. Google wasn’t very helpful. Finally I found a thread on TechKnow http://www.techknow.me/forum/index.php?topic=8112.0

There were a few links to websites:

On baidu I was able to find latest firmwares but download speed was very low. I made a mirror for a few latest firmwares. http://d.peku33.net/public/Q8H_A23/

How to flash tablet using .img file and PhoenixUsb? You should see my post: http://blog.peku33.net/how-to-flash-alwinner-a23-q8h-tablet/


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