Hello World! I dedicate this blog to…

Chinese software developers.

I’m starting this Category to describe my efforts in removing trojan / malware from Q8H tablet I recently bought.

This is basically what I’ve bought: http://www.ele-china.com/7-inch-Allwinner-A23-Dual-Core-Android-4-2-tablet-pc-512MB-RAM-4GB-ROM-dual-camera-multi-color-cheap-price-tablet-389.html

I ordered it through aliexpress, it came with Android 4.4.2 installed.

After a couple of days I noticed some strange behaviour of my tablet. I woke up with new applications installed: DU Battery Stats and DU something else. I also noticed that my Browser HomePage is locked to baidu.com and I’m not able to remove default browser from Launcher.

And here the story begins.

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