Smart Prototyping – PCB Prototyping review – another cheap Chinese PCB Manufacturer review

My order:

  • PCB
    • 2 layers
    • 10cm x 10 cm
    • 10 pieces
    • PCB Thickness: 1.6mm
    • Copper thickness: double – 2oz/ft2 = 70um
    • Surface finish: HASA
    • Solder mask color: Green (additional fees for other colors)
    • No sub-boards
    • 100% E-Test
  • Stencil – frameless 13cm x 21cm

As always – sent gerber wiles created with Eagle.


I had to really pay extra for double copper (which was essential to my project). $46.36 for the boards and the stencil.

Shipping costs are nearly the same as for Shenzen2U (see However for the same price I got tracking – parcel was delivered using Swiss Post.

Price includes:

  • Double sided PCB, soldermask on both sides
  • Probably unlimited drills
  • Probably unlimited miling
  • Silkscreen on both sides (I used only top)

Payment method:

The only accept PayPal payments.

Processing time:

24.09.2015 – Order placed, Pending

25.09.2015 – „Processing”

30.09.2015 – „Shipped”. I also received link to Google Plus photos of my order.

19.10.2015 – Delivered

So 25 days = 4 weeks from placing order to delivery.

However there was a Chinese new year during that period – that also must be taken into account.

What I received:

I received quite large box.

Boards were packed in vacuum bubble wrap, stencil was wrapped in normal + bubble wrap.

Box was a little bit smashed, but nothing happened to boards or stencil.

After optical inspection – boards looks okay. So there is nothing to argue about. Silkscreen is a little bit misplaced (the same as with Shenzen2U), copper and soldermask quality is good.

Stencil has an interesting thing – holes have another shape than on project. Take a look at photos.


After mounting:

Not yet. Waiting for some parts to arrive.


To be done after assembly

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